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Picture of Alfred Molina as Mark Rothko.  Taken from

Last year Alfred Molina protrayed Rothko in the play ‘Red’, which was performed in both New York and London.  I was not able to see this play because I don’t anywhere near either of those cities.  If you did see it I hope you enjoyed it…I’m pretty sure it was amazing.

Even before you see his eyes, you’re aware of the force of his gaze. Portraying the artist Mark RothkoAlfred Molina sits with his back to the audience at the beginning of “Red,” John Logan’s intense and exciting two-character bio-drama, which opened on Thursday night at the Golden Theater. Yet the set of his neck and shoulders makes it clear that he is staring hard and hungrily, locked in visual communion with the object before him…..In his strongest Broadway performance to date, the dauntless Mr. Molina embraces the artist’s egotism unconditionally, and he makes us feel the necessity of an overweening, humorless vanity and — to use a word that for Rothko denotes a cardinal virtue — seriousness.  It’s risky these days to play someone who speaks in grand statements and capital letters about Art and Immortality. We’ve become accustomed to the safe distance of winking quotation marks. But when this Rothko says there is “tragedy in every brush stroke” of his work, we believe him.”

"Primary Colors and Abstract appetites: Theater Review ‘Red’" by Ben Brantley.  Published by The New York Times on April 2, 2010

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